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He and Madison were lifelong champions of public education, but the majority of Virginians failed to recognize the progressiveness of their efforts to improve literacy rates among the populous at large.
We travel regularly to Cardiff and always enjoy the progressiveness of this splendid city.
If the UCU represents the best tradition of British academia, which has taken pride in its openness and progressiveness, the elected delegates of the members have taken a major step backwards towards selective teaching and predetermined research.
Our three companies of the year, RS Information Systems, Advent Capital Management, and BMW of Sterling and MINI of Sterling, embody the progressiveness and adaptability that today's black entrepreneurs need to achieve exceptional success.
These respondents cite as evidence of their progressiveness the fact that they were repressed by the Argentine military junta during the "dirty war" of 1976-83, and were forced into clandestine meetings of their study groups.
Louis was taken by "a new spirit of progressiveness.
Without assuming a one-to-one substitution, we might consider the juxtaposition of Simeon's racial progressiveness and his gender retrogressiveness to the masculinist views on race discussed earlier in the article.
Designed by Yrjo Lindegen and Toivo Jantti, the building's svelte Modernist lines evoked an era of social optimism and architectural progressiveness.
In the past both DJs have been guilty of prolonged progressiveness that is frankly dull, but they have opted here for a fresh electronic sound.
His use of inclusive language (though not for God), his concern that the church has fallen short in erasing the divide between male and female (Gal 3:28), and his concern for justice issues suggest progressiveness.
As a new subscriber who heard your call and responded, I received my first two issues and was well pleased with the progressiveness and insightfulness of your paper.
The pastoral progressiveness of Vermont gives way to the vibrant wildness of the Adirondacks, a region that snarls and resists the neat, suburban landscapes that surround it.