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McArthur's call for schools to foster opportunities for free discussion and democratic choice became a rallying cry for many progressivists in the early 1940s.
It makes painfully clear that progressivists are playing for keeps and that they will not allow scruples about burdening the consciences of religious believers to interfere with their efforts to refashion American society along secularist lines.
From a progressivist perspective such as that of Georgio Vasari, the story was one of the lamentable eclipse of classicism with the collapse of the Roman Empire and its glorious reappearance in the Renaissance (The Lives of the Artists, trans.
Donnelly, an Australian observer who is no friend to progressivist education, has still given an accurate description of its essential characteristics and its entrenched position in schools of education:
It was in this ever more constricted space that the split between traditionalists and progressivists developed, but other divisions emerged as well.
Progressivists mapped and photographed "in accurate scientific form" the conditions of tenement living for the exhibition in 1899, which led to Lawrence Veiller's New York State Tenement House Law (1901).
Traditionalists accuse progressivists of fomenting anarchy, while progressivists accuse traditionalists of fomenting authoritarianism.
Coubertin's Olympic project depended, in part, upon the energies of the American sporting progressivists who came to view the Games as the pinnacle of international competition and a marker of American cultural progress.
If we let the progressivists and the libertarians win now and make harm minimisation the main social response to substance abuse, the change into a drug society would be irreversible.