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The progressivist education reforms that swept across Canada's Ontario province during the interwar periods of the late 1930s included a focus on character education, social justice, and social reconstruction.
It situates the discussion within the context of progressivist reforms that swept across the province like a slow tide throughout the interwar period, culminating in revisions to the programs of study for students in the public schools in 1937 and 1938 (Christou, 2012).
Joseph McCulley, Headmaster of one of Ontario's largest private schools, Picketing College, emerged as a significant progressivist voice advocating for education reform that pertained very clearly to character education.
Concern for the common good called on each progressivist to turn his or her gaze to others in society.
Getting it wrong from the beginning: Our Progressivist history from Herbert Spencer, John Dewey, and Jean Piaget.
Of the four judgments in Street that I have interpreted as attaching intrinsic value to the s 117 right, three--those of Brennan, Deane and Gaudron JJ -arrived at that position through applying a broadly progressivist interpretative approach; that is, they focused on the potential for the text of s 117 to affirm the contemporary legal value of non-discrimination, rather than upon historically informed derivations of purpose.
The present significance of this suggested feature of our constitutional landscape is that it might be viewed as legitimating, or even requiring, a preference for progressivist interpretative aids and tools.
Most important for present purposes, however, are the implications of this perspective for progressivist interpretative approaches.
However, even putting aside the voices of dissent and caution, (96) this notion of popular sovereignty remains problematic as a mandate for a progressivist interpretative approach in relation to s 117.
Progressivist people will now claim that Noel Pearson is giving the Federal and State governments an excuse to cut spending (or avoid increasing spending) on programs that address `Aboriginal disadvantage'.
In your cups you know that progressivist people generally have been sabotaging the struggle against substance abuse epidemics, in the worst case by their own bad example, which has increased social confusion and made people less able to organise themselves socially and politically.
Instead of real radicalism, that goes to the radix or root of the problems I have described, the Australian progressivist middle class is mainly preoccupied with what I call quasi-radicalism.