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The trade was injured by their artifices to outbid and undermine each other; the Indians were debauched by the sale of spirituous liquors, which had been prohibited under the French rule.
The second day brought them into the cherished, or the prohibited, county of Somerset, for as such was it dwelt on by turns in Marianne's imagination; and in the forenoon of the third they drove up to Cleveland.
They choose a king, whom they call Lubo: every eighth year they carry their wives with them, and expose their children without any tenderness in the woods, it being prohibited, on pain of death, to take any care of those which are born in the camp.
MULTAN -- A strict legal action would be taken against those involved in the sale or purchase of prohibited weapons.
Customs and Border Protection officials representing Laredo Field Office ports of entry are advising the traveling public that certain agricultural items used in holiday decorations are prohibited from entry to the U.
It is prohibited to kill, damage, displace, hunt/fish or collect any urban or marine creatures.
Cycling is prohibited for women--Recently, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenehi said: "Women's cycling in public places and also in places where they are visible to strangers is forbidden.
Summary paragraph: Prohibited transactions under the new fiduciary rule
Cephalosporins that are intended for use in humans or companion animals are prohibited for use in food animals.
ISLAMABAD, January 09, 2010 (Frontier Star): The Senate Standing Committee on Interior has summoned State Interior Minister Tasneem Qureshi over issuing 5,986 Prohibited bore licenses and also sought report over issuing 138 licenses of Prohibited bore to Dyane Corp Company at rate of 1800 US dollar each in committee next meeting.
The use of Flexible Nonmetallic Conduit is prohibited in hazardous locations, as this type of material is not suitable for wiring raceways in hazardous locations;