prohibited by law

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Petty trade is prohibited by law in Turkmenistan, that's the main challenge for the street venders to do business, reports the Chronicles of Turkmenistan.
Opponents questioned if the changes were a move to a state-operated insurance exchange, which is prohibited by law.
In Nevada, bestiality is not prohibited by law but does have a law that deems animal abuse and cruelty a felony.
The investigators even found products that claimed to cure or prevent diabetes, cancer and HIV, which is strictly prohibited by law.
In Wisconsin, serving colored oleo or margarine in place of butter at a restaurant, school or even in a prison, is prohibited by law, unless it is at the request of the customer (or student or prisoner).
Mr Ghai, of Gosforth, Newcastle, lost his challenge at the High Court in London in May last year when Mr Justice Cranston ruled that pyres were prohibited by law and this was "justified".
In May last year, the High Court dismissed the challenge, saying pyres were prohibited by law and the prohibition was justified.
According to the report, many practices of credit card companies are not prohibited by law.
Mr Justice Cranston said pyres were prohibited by law and the ban was "justified" - though he gave father-ofthree Mr Ghai, from Gosforth, permission to appeal.
A: It is not a good practice, and is prohibited by law.
Chapters overview how to assess one's own skills, package onself with concise and effective business cards, a resume, and brochures that won't be ignored, the fine art of networking, using internet job sites to maximum advantage, preparing oneself for the interview including anticipating different interview styles and what to do if improper questions come up--inquiries into one's age, martial status, ethnic origin, religious preference, sexual preference, and disabilities are prohibited by law, yet a direct "gotcha" confrontation over them is not advised prior to being hired; instead, Blitzer recommends a nonconfrontational evasion such as "I'm surprised that came up.
If a Martian landed," says Coulter, "and set out to determine the nation's official state religion, he would have to conclude it is liberalism, while Christianity and Judaism are prohibited by law.