prohibited import

See: contraband
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State Sanitary and Phytosanitary Inspection at Kyrgyz Government prohibited import of fowl and poultry production from China in order to reduce risks of infection carrying, the press service of Ministry of Economy said on April 26.
European Union prohibited import of pork from Russia.
Customs officers operate with discretion and the penalties for failing to declare a prohibited import are steep," said O'Connor.
Step 2 domestic user payments were found to operate as prohibited import substitution subsidies.
The Kazakh veterinary service prohibited import of all controllable goods from the enterprises of Kyrgyzstan which produce, process and store controllable goods delivered to the Customs Union member states.
New Delhi prohibited import of garlic and ginger, which were a hot item for almost two years followed by a ban on ajwain and cardamom.
5) Prohibited import substitution subsidies refer to subsidies paid to domestic users to encourage the use of domestic products over imported products.
Due to concerns regarding melamine contamination in milk and milk products from China, on the recommendation from Food Safety and Standard Authority of India, the Government has prohibited import of milk and milk products including chocolate and chocolate products and candies/confectionery/food preparations with milk or milk solids as ingredient, from China with effect from 24.
Local knowledge is a great source and is perfectly placed to recognise signs of illegal fishing, prohibited imports and other criminal attempts to breach our borders, Rear Admiral Laver said.
Therefore, the list of prohibited imports needs to be enlarged to include items our local firms produce, he added.
According to BNA, the agricultural authorities prohibited imports of pepper from Egypt, apples from Lebanon and all types of fruits from Yemen.
The regulation was made by the agricultural quarantine authority that prohibited imports of wheat that contain any trace of the common wheat fungus, according to GASC Vice President Mamdouh Abdel Fattah.