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The City Council at the time, we ended up passing a resolution in 2009 that seems very tame today in 2015, [saying] we should have a serious discussion or a debate on these prohibitionary policies.
The prohibitionary language that the taboo essentially is proceeds from the referent as ineluctable.
In this regard, Michael Foucault suggests in his analysis of power that the State normally exercises a form of negative meta-power, conceived as a series of prohibitionary powers that can be reproduced in conflict resolution approaches.
The cases are limited to consideration of prohibitionary rules in order to provide some level of standardization and to minimize ambiguity related to affirmative normative duties.
Three days before thousands of field-sports supporters pledged to defy a hunting ban, the Association of Chief Police Officers made it clear that, in the event of any prohibitionary measures, they would be duty-bound to uphold the law.
All of which is to say that it is unlikely that simple prohibitionary measures will be successful in effectively removing opium from its current position as a huge store of physical, psychological, and symbolic capital in Akha society and attempts to militate in this realm must be aware of the inevitable array of sometimes conflicting repercussions.
In line with similar efforts in the past to create prohibitionary international norms, such as against slavery and piracy, these "moral entrepreneurs" were attempting to criminalize the targeted activity--the use of nuclear weapons.