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For example, in terms of managers being challenged, prohibitive voice--namely, expressing concerns or pointing out problems--is more risky than promotive voice (Liang et al.
In grammars of Nganasan after Castren the prohibitive stem ne- does not come forth any more and the stem ni- is used instead (cf.
OTTAWA -- Canadians with disabilities have unmet needs for aids and devices mainly because of the high cost of those aids and persons with severe disabilities are affected the most by prohibitive costs says a report prepared by the Canadian Council on Social Development.
Today's RAID storage solutions provide either limited protection (RAID 5), prohibitive expensive (RAID 5+1) or both (RAID 1+0).
We cannot make them out of glass or ceramics because they have to be kid-friendly, and metal is cost prohibitive.
Using the traditional approach to address these higher port count requirements quickly becomes cost prohibitive and requires more complexity for equipment designers as chip pin count and power consumption increase.
We believe this is caused by the prohibitive charges for lorries and other commercial vehicles.
net--responded to a wave of protests by announcing that home users could connect if they paid in cash at a prohibitive rate of 8 cents a minute.
In practice, the cost of LEDs proved prohibitive, so a more modest solution was adopted, which, as it turns out, is equally informed by a spirit of pioneering ingenuity.
The safest approach, however, is for CPAs to help clients develop an exit strategy they can implement before there is excess policy equity or before the insured's age and premium rates make the income and gift tax consequences prohibitive.
The court noted that the prison had previously accommodated inmates' aversion to pork without prohibitive cost by preparing alternative meals when pork was served.
However, several clear trends are converging that, without a great step forward in automation, may lead to prohibitive deployment, training, and logistical needs.