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ACTION, PROHIBITORY, civil law. An action instituted to avoid a sale on account of some Vice or defect in the thing sold which readers it either absolutely useless, or its use so inconvenient and, imperfect, that it must be, supposed the buyer would not have purchased it, had he known of the vice. Civ. Code of Louis. art. 2496.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Researchers have explored the antecedents of employee prohibitive voice mainly from the perspective of leadership style, such as transformational (W.
It is however unclear how much the proposed measure could open up electoral participation in the Philippines, where campaign costs are very prohibitive.
Thompson gave assurances of financial support from General Synod for dioceses for which hotel costs would be prohibitive: "...we are able to push forward some money out of the reported surplus from 2013 into the General Synod reserves, so there will be a larger reserve available for General Synod," said Thompson.
MYSTERY It is not known whether driving standards are improving or if the cost of court cases is now prohibitive
Citigroup Inc analysts, Stefan Nedialkov and Simon Nellis, said, 'We believe the cost of exiting Hungary in a disorderly fashion would be prohibitive for all three banks, with Erste having the highest cost, and even factoring in potential benefits from forint depreciation the additional impact to tangible book values remains unaffordable.'
Ladbrokes managing director of digital channels, Gary McIlraith, said: "We have concluded that the French market is now taxed at such a prohibitive level that it does not represent an attractive investment.
(5) However, among the listed prohibitive auxiliaries the Nenets no-, no- is exceptional because it does not match the general tendency in North Samoyedic as it states that the secondary n precedes palatal vowels as the o is a velar vowel.
"The UK relies quite heavily on a buoyant property market and to get it moving steadily in the right direction again, we need to attract more first-time buyers with responsible, not prohibitive lending."
A lawsuit is probably cost prohibitive in such a situation, and the cost to litigate provides an incentive (for both the employee and the employer) to work out the individual claim without using the legal system.
"Solvent-based inks continue to be prevalent in small to medium size print shops where the capital investment of UV equipment is prohibitive," according to Phil McGugan, vice president of global sales and marketing for Nazdar.
Costs set by BT in England and Wales and Siemens in Scotland are so prohibitive more than half of all calls made from prisons last less than three minutes, the groups claim.
This combined approach also eliminated the need to purchase advertising online, which can be prohibitive for small business owners.