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Monogamy arose because economic hard times made having many wives prohibitively expensive or the,ratio of women to men was unfavorable and because many religions equated monogamy with sexual fidelity.
Determining an equivalent charter value can be difficult and may often yield a prohibitively high taxable amount.
Despite what they call "gut feelings" that Congress will forgo levying any taxes on HCFCs and HFCs, SPI and other industry groups monitoring the progress of the energy bill say such a tax would hurt both consumers and the environment by making the use of HCFCs and HFCs in insulation prohibitively expensive.
Fundamentally, this sort of legislation is prohibitively expensive.
With traditional peer-to-peer software, downloading films or TV programs takes prohibitively long even for broadband users, because the average user can upload a file at only a fraction of the speed at which it can be downloaded.
These strategies are prohibitively expensive," says Gregory.
Birmingham Chamber of Commerce said pounds 10 a time was prohibitively high and that a cut in the price would boost the numbers using the highway, making more money for the operators.
Construction in particular is prohibitively expensive, at the same time that market trends and local laws are requiring virtually unprecedented renovations and improvements.
However, the monolithic character of the new panels might make maintenance prohibitively difficult, they point out.