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ACTION, PROHIBITORY, civil law. An action instituted to avoid a sale on account of some Vice or defect in the thing sold which readers it either absolutely useless, or its use so inconvenient and, imperfect, that it must be, supposed the buyer would not have purchased it, had he known of the vice. Civ. Code of Louis. art. 2496.

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Reports suggest that the City Police Commissioner has directed imposition of prohibitory orders under Section 144 of the CrPC that bars any gathering in a radius of one kilometre around the High Court that comes under Vidana Soudha Police Station limits.
A prohibitory injunction prevents anticipated nuisance and trespass whilst a mandatory injunction can force the demolition of interfering works.
Police used force after the Maoists tried to defy the prohibitory order after which they lobbed dozens of teargas shells to disperse the agitating mob.
In fact, in a letter dated 27 July sent to the Ministries of Commerce and Agriculture by Counsel to the Republic of Cyprus Maria Hadjigeorgiou on behalf of Attorney General Petros Clerides, Hadjigeorgiou stated bluntly: "By 1 September, given that there are no legal or scientific arguments for Cyprus to support the continuation of the prohibitory clause, suitable decisions should be made and suitable measures be taken which will demonstrate the willingness of the Republic of Cyprus to comply with the acquis communautaire, which in turn can be used on its behalf before the ECJ.
27, 1992, Sarpotdar breached the prohibitory orders banning assembly of four or more persons at a place imposed by the Mumbai police.
Spillane points out that even before the states, much less the federal government, enacted prohibitory laws, law enforcement officers, alarmed by the crime associated with cocaine use, employed a variety of means to arrest sellers and users--thus rendering irrelevant supposed statistics on drug arrests.
Here, woman is punished with subjection to man for breaking a prohibitory law.
In fact," Garment writes, "the focus on specific prohibitory rules may make us less rather than more able to control the offending behavior.
The police broke up the planned convention, citing prohibitory orders imposed in Mumbai after Wednesday's state-wide shutdown which left a 16-year old student dead in Nanded.
Prior to this, the government had issued prohibitory orders on stubble burning, as it had become a major concern for authorities, resulting in air pollution as well as reduction in soil fertility.
Prohibitory orders under CrPc Section 144 are in place in the district.