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the definition of the reliability parameters of the projectable software by means of estimation of its simulator's behaviour;
Let F be the subgraph of IJ(P, k, l) induced by the projectable k-islands of P.
(17) More precisely, there might be different Lewisian worlds such that every inhabitant of the one world is a counterpart of an inhabitant of the other, and every predicate in the language which is projectable in the sense of footnote 13 is satisfied by inhabitants of one world just in case it is satisfied by the counterparts of those individuals at the other.
The study was conducted among a projectable sample of the student population at a mid-sized southwestern four-year university.
Formula (2.12) shows that the projectable tensor fields are characterized by the following global properties:
Solar energy simply cannot succeed as a mass technology for homes, buildings and other structures, until we recognize that its development today and for the projectable future is unsystemic, uncoordinated and unintegrated.
But beware: focus groups do not produce hard numbers or projectable results; only surveys can do that.
Moreover, if this is projectable forward into November, it means Obama has a good chance of beating Senator John McCain.
* 4 projectable LED marks to define the target area for fast and easy initial alignment of the camera image area.
The findings are no more reliable or projectable than the findings of two or three focus groups, and yet....
The French Air Force had actively been developing its ability to deploy JFACC and D-CAOC control centers, as well as a deployed joint support air base (base aerienne de soutien interarmees projectable; BSVIA).
HORDES OF DREAMERS SEEM TO BE rushing into coffee franchising without dependable and projectable financial models from their first location.

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