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Science A-Z, downloadable, projectable, printable teacher materials that integrate science and literacy in Life, Earth, Physical, and Process Science
Moreover, if this is projectable forward into November, it means Obama has a good chance of beating Senator John McCain.
Nelson Goodman has remarked that an aesthetic work is projectable onto life situations beyond the work of art: "(A)fter a couple of hours at an exhibition we often step out into a visual world quite different from the one we left.
Pie often do qualitative research as a start and then follow with projectable quantitative research.
Jensen added, "The test cells were sufficiently large (over 10,000 each) to make the results solidly projectable.
African Americans and Hispanic Americans showed the highest level of interest in becoming more familiar with alternative medicines in the future, and were over-sampled in the study to insure that findings for these two groups were projectable (Consumer Healthcare Products Association, 2001).

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