projected goal

See: design, intent
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It is through the successful implementation of these programs that the Company intends to achieve its previously projected goal of $2.
If everything goes as planned, our projected goal is to present our audited financials, submit a Form-10 and comply with all other NASDAQ requirements by the end of the year," says Jimmy Joyner, Chief Executive Officer of US BioTec, Inc.
The Philadelphia Hip-Hop Summit made history by exceeding its projected goal of registering 10,000 new young voters.
With a projected goal of deploying over $1 million US in media services infrastructure over the next year and $5 million in the second year, NextGen will use SnowShore's N20 Media Server to power key business and consumer services such as IP Centrex, Virtual Call Center and Intelligent Dialing applications.
The Company's long-term projected goal is to construct a number of these plants on potentially viable sites that we believe can be identified on our property.
We had productive discussions with the FDA during which we reviewed our plans for responding to requests in the Complete Response letter, and have a projected goal to submit a Xolair BLA amendment to the agency by the end of 2002," said Susan D.
The projected goal is to install wireless connectivity for handheld devices in over 6000 rooms this year throughout business oriented hotels in Taiwan, said Samuel Lln, President of MAGIWEB.
Pancratius School in Lakewood, CA states, "After viewing the magnitude of this fundraiser, our projected goal has been changed from a current earning level of $63,000 a year to $250,000 in the next fiscal year by using eScrip.
IMNI) announced last week the inception of an aggressive acquisition campaign, that if successfully completed, will further bring the Company toward its projected goal of $75 million in annual sales.
The projected goals will be achieved by acquiring the help of real-estate asset management experts, in order to create a clear framework for the public business sector companies in line with the developmental goal, which is maximising the revenue, raising the growth, and employment rates.
The company will seek additional investment advisory and capital resource planning in order to ensure that it will meet its projected goals and objectives.
John Creel, Rapidtron President and CEO stated: "The loss of the Las Vegas Monorail contract as a result of a change in the required technology from a Smart Card system to magnetic stripe ticket was a significant cause in not reaching our projected goals.