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They are projectionists, members of a dying profession, whose reminiscences while sat around a table at Birmingham's Victoria pub are the backbone of this documentary.
Hatch was a member of Projectionists Local 165, where he was vice president for 10 years.
Before the film is screened, the projectionist runs 15 minutes of adverts and trailers for the popcorn-munching audience, keeping a close eye on running times and continuity.
I HAVE just been chatting to one of my ex-cinema colleagues, Mike Taylor, who was a projectionist at The Odeon in London Road in 1965, and he was reminiscing saying he could hardly believe that on June 6 it was exactly 50 years to the day that The Sound Of Music opened at The Odeon, Liverpool.
Chairman Rosie Allen thanked Mrs Broadbent and her husband who acted as the projectionist.
I've been a projectionist for 42 years and have seen the changes in technology.
There was the chief projectionist, then the second, third and fourth projectionists.
He appeared in The Last Projectionist, which was released last year, and was on the posters for it.
THE LAST PROJECTIONIST (12A) CAST: John Brockington, Phil Fawke, Les Castree, Graham Lee PLOT: You won't recognise any of these names, but if you've been to a cinema in Birmingham in the last 20 years, you'll have witnessed their work.
Cinema projectionist Emile (voiced by Jay Harrington) and truck driver Raoul (Adam Goldberg) fool around with test tubes of strange liquid in Paris.
63, longtime movie projectionist and avid milk bottle collector, died Saturday, November 14, 2009 at his home in Paxton.
Reg was previously a projectionist in the Olympia Cinema, Queen Street, until 1935 when Solomon Andrews & Sons sold to ABC Cinemas.