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To be a projectionist, you should: have an interest and ability in mechanics and electronics; be practical by nature; have problem-solving skills; have an interest in how things work; be able to carry out routine jobs quickly; be patient and alert; observe strict punctuality to run the films according to the programme; have an eye for detail; and have good sight and hearing, with good hand/eye co-ordination to keep films in focus.
The company had noted that the pay scale for Chicago-area projectionists was the highest in the nation, as much as $112 an hour.
REGAL APPROVAL: Keira Knightley as Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire in The Duchess, which will be seen at the LBT tonight, the first film to be screened at the theatre for some years; OPENING CREDITS: Symon Culpan the projectionist helping LBT get back to the movies
Golden era ends at Woolton Cinema but projectionist David Parr, aged 53, who has worked at the cinema for three years, pictured, is hopeful, along with other staff, that the cinema will continue under new owners Pictures: ANDREW TEEBAY The death of owner David Wood, above left, may spell the end for the Woolton cinema and right, staff clean up after a screening
Trainee projectionists work a basic 40-hour week with salaries linked to age and experience.
Aarons said the project was designed to comply with all Americans With Disabilities Act provisions, and one of the elevators is strictly to provide handicapped access to the mezzanine level projection booths in case one of the projectionists is handicapped.
Aidikoff is the third of four generations of Aidikoff projectionists to work in the screening room business, including founder and father Charles, and son, Josh.
He is one of the last few original projectionists still around and more wonderful memories of a bygone era about the lost cinemas of Liverpool are on line at Picturepalace.
As well as featuring previously unseen old footage, some of which was literally found on the roof of the " Station Street building, the story is also told through the eyes, minds and souls of a lost generation of projectionists now falling victim to the unrelenting march of technology.
Sam and Louise zyHUD210208odeoncowan-7; THIS IS HUDDERSFIELD: Alex, Sam, Mathew and Jethero zyHUD210208odeoncowan-4; RELAXING AFTERNOON: Katie and Tarek zyHUD210208odeoncowan-9; LEEDS SUPPORTERS ENJOYING HUDDERSFIELD: James and Catherine zyHUD210208odeoncowan-10; FANATICAL ABOUT FILM: Tanya, Kung Fu Panda, Ian and Louise zzHUD210208odeoncowan-1; REELY HAPPY: John, Lucy and Jess, the projectionists zzHUD210208odeoncowan-3; NATIONAL TREASURES: Sharon, Sarah and Rachel zzHUD210208odeoncowan-2; TICKETS PLEASE: Stephen, Becky and Andy zyHUD210208odeoncowan-5
My fellow projectionists were Jack Yates and Peter Tudge and I often wonder where they are now.
I was asked to work there to help Bill Perry, so that he and the other projectionists could have a night off.