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The film-loving pair were one of the last remaining projectionists in the country and have clocked up more than 80 years in the projection room between them.
Not only did Joan rise to second projectionist at the Odeon, she also worked, for a time, as chief projectionist at another Stockton cinema, called, appropriately enough, The Cinema.
SCOTLAND'S last cinema projectionist has reached the end of his reel.
Mr Brockington, from Harborne, and fellow veteran city projectionists Phil Fawke, Les Castree, 'Ginger' Paul Curtin and Graham Lee, became stars of the film, reminiscing about the past as a signpost to the future.
And see it at The Electric, which is, as one projectionist says, "one of Brum's little gems".
THE LAST PROJECTIONIST (12A) Verdict:BIRMINGHAM'S Electric Cinema owner Tom Lawes not only saved the country's oldest movie theatre from collapse in 2004, but he has turned it into a thriving exhibition business and filmmaking arm, too.
The Last Projectionist Cert 12A, 80 mins The international film database website IMDb lists the 'cast' of this film as John Brockington, Phil Fawke, Les Castree and Graham Lee.
Most projectionists are also responsible for the technical operations of the cinema outside the projection room.
Collins dispatched armed volunteers who forced projectionists to screen it at gunpoint.
Mr Wood was the last bastion of traditional cinema in Liverpool, and after his death at the age of 59, projectionists acros proclaimed the end of an era for private cinema.
Hatch was a member of Projectionists Local 165, where he was vice president for 10 years.