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There are many debates raised by the book about the concept of projective identification that I will not be able to explore here, including whether it should be understood as intrapsychic or interpersonal; whether it has broadened to encompass different orientations or whether its broadness negates its utility; whether or not it is distinct from projection; whether it applies particularly to psychotic functioning or to a range of functioning; and how projective identification is distinguished from transference and countertransference.
T] is a cyclic projective generator and [lambda] : S [right arrow] End ([A.
To expand their cooperation on touch panels, the two firms has decided to set up the joint venture to produce projective capacitive touch panels, in a bid to jointly explore the rapidly growing market for touch-panel applications.
11) in the definition of projective curvature tensor, we get P = 0.
i) If V is R-free and U is a projective or free R[G] module then each of U [cross product] V, [U.
An example of the projective transformation (see Fig.
to achieve projective synchronization, we assume that system (1) is the drive system and the controlled system (2) is response system
The conference distinguishes among types of reactions students may have to patients, including justified reactions, projective identification reactions, (1) and countertransference reactions.
In this relationship, the projective identification defense mechanism plays an important role.
Pieri) led to Hilbert's fundamental Grundlagen der Geometrie [3], where the betweenness relation is subject to the axioms of connection and of order (I 1-7, II 1-5 of Hilbert's list), called by Schur [4] the projective axioms of geometry.
While most of the dependency parsers can parse only projective structures, the need for non-projective relations is recognised in nearly all dependency treebank annotation schemes.
Evelyn Hooker, "The adjustment of the male overt homosexual," Journal of Projective Techniques, 1957, 21, 18-31.