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Sandplay: A validation study of sandplay as a projective technique. Dissertation Abstracts International: Section A.
Projective techniques like the TAT enjoyed a heyday in marketing research during the 1950's, but fell out of favor due, in part, to overinflated claims of their value and also misuse (e.g., see the Rothwell 1955 and Wells 1956 debate).
Thus, projective techniques were conducted in five stages: association, completion, construction, expression and choice ordering (Hofstede et al., 2007).
Therefore, projective techniques, such as the Rorschach, began to become more popular.
On the decline of projective techniques in professional psychology training.
Volume 2 offers material on projective techniques, observation of behavior, diagnostic and clinical interviews, psychometrics, single case and case study approaches, and qualitative approaches.
Through the use of color, configuration and symbol, each participant will deepen their understanding of projective techniques, assessment of personal growth and development, interpretation of primary colors, three basic configurations and three centers of coping.
Effective use of projective techniques in clinical practice: Let the data help with selection and interpretation.
Use projective techniques to help participants express what is often difficult to express.
The interface allows us to explore emotional or sensitive issues and gain rich detail via fuller open-ended responses (analyzed by psychologists) and is ideal for projective techniques.
Eighteen chapters address such topics as test design, neuropsychological assessment, vocational interests, and projective techniques. New to the 12th edition are a number of brief psychological cases illustrating how testing data are used by professional psychologists when working with clients.