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5 pounds, the C400 Wireless Projector is a bright, compact, feature-rich projector ideal for departmental sharing, use in lecture halls and classrooms, or ceiling mounting in conference rooms.
Chapter Three Laser Projector Development Environmental Analysis 19 3.
Ready to use out of the box, the TDP-T40U mobile projector incorporates user-friendly features, including one-touch auto set up and a fully loaded remote control for seamless, professional presentations.
Add a projector and mimio also turns that same whiteboard into an interactive touch screen allowing users to control their desktop and applications directly from the whiteboard.
Our customers not only expect advanced features in their projectors that enable them to make great presentations, they also want innovative user-friendliness and flexible placement options that makes delivering an impactful presentation easier," said Yuichi Ishizuka, senior vice president and general manager, Consumer Imaging Group, Canon U.
Sixty-eight percent of respondents report having at least one multimedia projector at their school.
There is no need to make any adjustments, the projector automatically focuses; even in the case when the projector is moved during a presentation.
In addition to its brightness, the LV-7575 projector also features native XGA resolution for crisp display of video and text, and will also support SXGA resolution through high-quality compression.
Now, they can rely on Planar anywhere they need to share information with our comprehensive line of projectors that will be valued by our channel partners and customers alike for their performance and quality.
Sharp's high-quality display products and expanded professional projector line provides diverse solutions with unparalleled image quality and long-term reliability to meet any customer need.