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Commemoratio autem antiquitatis exemplorumque prolatio summa cum delectatione et auctoritatem orationi adfert et fidem".
46) Abelard's teaching on the Trinity also contrasts the prolatio, the spoken, uttered word, with a concept of the mind (conceptum mentis).
42) The Valentinian notion that the Son was a prolatio or corporeal emanation of the Father was also imputed to Origen by contemporaries of Pamphilus;(43) if we can satisfy ourselves that he used the word homoousios in relation to the Godhead, we shall have an explanation of this otherwise baseless charge.
Apel), later medieval theorists described the phenomenon at such length and in such detail as to place it alongside modus, tempus and prolatio as a fundamental element within the canon of musical theory and practice.
Haar asks us to compare two examples in which one has had its values halved, and Vaccaro asks us to distinguish different levels of metrical organization when, in his example, tempus looks like prolatio.