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PROLES. Progeny, such issue as proceeds from a lawful marriage; and, in its enlarged sense, it signifies any children.

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El tribunal de primera instancia, tras oir a ambas partes y a nueve testigos, dicta sentencia negativa declarando que no consta de la nulidad por exclusion de la sacramentalidad, de la comunion de vida y de la prole por parte del esposo.
De esta forma, van apareciendo referencias teologicas que destacan la presencia del bonum prolis en el matrimonio; asi el caracter esencial de la generacion y educacion de la prole es determinante a la hora de distinguir las condiciones que se pueden incluir dentro del contrato matrimonial, hasta el punto de que se comprueba como en una de las Decretales de Gregorio IX aparece por primera vez de modo preciso (X, 4, 5, 7) la nulidad del matrimonio por exclusion de la prole.
We're all embracing the Tour and working together to raise our prole in the run-up".
North East England remains a popular destination for both domestic and international visitors and this coverage really supports ongoing work to attract more prole, visitors work to attract more prole, visitors and economic benets for the region, putting it on the map for all the right reasons.
Using this online tool, traders can register for the market, create a directory prole and manage their stall bookings.
The masses shuffle under the arches among burnt-out cars, while their leaders strut about above with laptops and microphones, and generally run society like a game show The narrative pays homage to Orwell's 1984 in its depiction of a dark clash between the proles and the state, and like the former City Child also has an ongoing and potentially revolutionary love story at its heart.
Mr Prole, whose day job is an office supervisor at Manchester airport, said their group had witnessed some unusual things but had yet to find incontrovertible proof of ghosts He said: 'If we get any information from the seances, such as names or dates, we then pass that to our research team to look into the history of the site and see what it means.
But if these new-found members of the working class are simply the radical chic, looking for an annual Prole Pride march, count me out.
It is the latest in a spate of high prole policing in the area after a spate of incidents over the last month.
LUXURY hotel Eshott Hall's prole promises to be raised after the Northumberland country house was awarded four AA stars.
He said the nancial support, of up to PS10,000 per festival, will help raise the prole of the high-quality food and drink Wales has to oer and develop the country's growing food culture.
Despues de llenarse de lodo en esas fastidiosas giras cle campana con la prole, siempre hace bien un shine de altura.