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Prolepsis is a powerful influence on how children encounter technologies: McPake and Plowman, studying families in central Scotland with children aged three to five, found that parents' comfort with media technologies was a more important predictor of their availability in the home than factors such as socioeconomic status that are indicated by traditional "digital divide" theories (213).
In Woolf's essays, prolepsis is significant in the concluding sections, and is mainly uttered in the form of predictions that envision possible reactions and solutions to the conflicts that she has set out throughout her texts.
It is directly after this encounter that the text presents the third and final moment of prolepsis anticipating Rider's hanging.
This prolepsis indicates that at the time of narration, the elastic barrier had already replaced the human starter with the whip whom Frederic recalls.
1993), "La prolepsis disonante de Tirano Banderas", Hispanic Review, 61, pp.
So both relative clauses and resumptive prolepsis provide evidence for the claim that [R] is not an agreement feature.
However, such telescoping of time through a prolepsis provides Scrope's death with a longer affective history, one which had serious implications for the Lancastrian dynasty.
In Keppel-Jones's prolepsis, a relatively moderate republicanism is gradually displaced by fascism: the Afrikaner government limits its definition of citizenship, nationalizes industries, implements drastic censorship, takes full control of education and deploys Stormjaers (storm troopers) to suppress any dissent.
Kafka demonstrates here a gift for prolepsis which represents the historicity of past victimization "to make another person out of me than the one I became" and shifting to the present tense combines it with future intentions for which he reproaches his elders: "I can prove at any time that my education tried to make another person out of me than the one I became.
La aparente nobleza de Herrera se ira difuminando a medida que avanza la accion, cuando en un dialogo con Rendon se muestra la prolepsis que dara la clave para comprender el obrar de Saturnino y los suyos: "--?
The story opens with an intrusive prolepsis that almost reveals the very ending of the story, and its turning point.
Se anuncia que Raul Fuentes prepara una cinta de vampiras lesbianas; el chisme viene a cuento porque la expectativa revela, a la manera de una prolepsis (salto a futuro en un relato), la vocacion vampirica de Alejandra.