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79) Risk society is therefore not only reflected in the imbroglio of disasters that Bear constructs, but also shaped by this body of work, given the proleptic, scientific, social, and fantasmatic elements that multiply and overlap in the permanent state of catastrophic emergency that is contemporary America.
It is in Jordan's proleptic moment that we discern a glimmer of haunting questions that have largely structured historical research and debates about the liaison, even when such questions have not been posed straightforwardly.
He reiterated this belief in print even after the Holocaust, when he included in his anniversary anthology one poem of proleptic fearfulness:
Pop's understanding of the tree, and presumably his understanding of himself, is proleptic, indicating a providential and patriarchal world view, which is central to the Calvinist doctrines informing Afrikaner nationalism.
His emblematic placement in a position of power here is heavy with proleptic irony, since it is this event that begins the progression towards the play's spectacular conclusion.
The week before, Mary Fortune and the old man had spent every morning watching the machine that lifted out dirt and threw it in a pile" (335), which is the very first sentence of "A View of the Woods," is analeptic in its retrospection ("the week before") and proleptic in so far as it points forward to the reappearance of the voracious (and conspicuously symbolic) machine in the final sentence.
But Rinaldi's investigations and observations do not merely point at the variety of Patristic, medieval and Renaissance textual places and ways in which the biblical Judas seems so convincingly to re-live in Alberti's creation, Momus: his is not just a study of sources and echoes, because these fifteenth-century pages are also seen as proleptic to much later works, namely to nineteenth-century literary stories--such as Anatole France's Lejardin d'Epicure and, later yet, Borges' Three Versions of Judas.
For May, the primary evil dwells among the personal demons inherent in each man's heart, which are then projected through a proleptic analogue into "man's continuing perversity into a catastrophic future of crisis" or an apocalyptic cinema--consisting of thrillers like Jaws, The Exorcist, and the Omen trilogy.
The Christ-following church is not called to promote democracy or sustain American society, but to live faithfully in the light of Christ's proleptic kingdom, and to oppose war and the war-making power of the state without exception.
Leopardi viewed hope and desire as similar emotions, proleptic in nature, and as mechanisms for projecting the expectation of happiness into the future.
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At once proleptic and retrospective, it is an exchange that anticipates the "ado" we know lies just ahead, but simultaneously reminds us in Margaret's comparative discourse on Hero's and the Duchess of Milan's gowns of what we haven't seen, echoing with a sartorial inflection the word "fashion" (3.