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PROLES. Progeny, such issue as proceeds from a lawful marriage; and, in its enlarged sense, it signifies any children.

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But she continued to receive a "large number" of messages from Cotterill, who had set up fake Facebook prole to send messages to her and her adult children.
But like the Russian masses, his proles are doomed to hopeless and permanent oppression.
Then the proles will inherit the earth, and freedom will prevail by default.
Apparently The Prole Positions will be continuing their "assault on everything mundane" with a performance providing aural entertainment and visual stimulation.
e study also revealed that a quarter of dog owners made a social media prole for their pet, with nearly half regularly posting pictures online.
In a world where r cheap entertainment keeps the proles r ignorant but content, where r war without end is always a fought and the goveo rnment is always a watching, can Winston possibly hold on to what he feels inside?
And while he may not tour his stand-up shows much anymore, the latter is more than happy to trek around the planet showing all us unfortunate proles stuck at home all the places we can't afford to go, when we'd much prefer being made to laugh instead.
Friday: HeartsetOnHope, Chasing Jayne, Proles, Kiss Your Commander, Oh My Days, Deft Reality.
It was just par for the patronising course, as practised by Dave and his pals against the proles and all us lesser beings.
Premiership princes had to endure conditions fit for proles and were, by and large, found wanting.
The masses shuffle under the arches among burnt-out cars, while their leaders strut about above with laptops and microphones, and generally run society like a game show The narrative pays homage to Orwell's 1984 in its depiction of a dark clash between the proles and the state, and like the former City Child also has an ongoing and potentially revolutionary love story at its heart.
Throw in his horrified descriptions (secondhand, of course) of trailer park life, and a vivid picture emerges: Poor people are fat, pimply proles with junk in their yards, living for crack and cable TV.