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And that union, to attain which the burghers of the Middle Ages, with their miserable highways, required centuries, the modern proletarians, thanks to railways, achieve in a few years.
This organisation of the proletarians into a class, and consequently into a political party, is continually being upset again by the competition between the workers themselves.
The proletarians cannot become masters of the productive forces of society, except by abolishing their own previous mode of appropriation, and thereby also every other previous mode of appropriation.
The Proletarian Dream: Socialism, Culture, and Emotion in Germany, 1863-1933
Sabeco, who used to be a member of the NPA's Revolutionary Proletarian Army-Alex Boncayao Brigade, was killed while on his way home after bringing his child to school.
In the course of the book, Davis accomplishes little less than a complete rethinking of the role of proletarian agency in the context of the contemporary global environmental and economic crises.
He attends a Spartak Moscow match in a corporate box - and ponders how a team with proud proletarian roots has lost touch with its heritage.
Initially, Russian theatre in particular saw a lot of positive energy being infused to the stage and creativity and subjectivity were allowed to flourish in celebration of a proletarian takeover of a feudal state.
Tomorrow the Phytorio municipal gardens gallery will open its doors to all those who would like to travel to the 19th and early 20th century Proletarian districts through the photography of Egons Spuris.
At the center of this wide-ranging and often intelligent book is the history of the relations between "bourgeois liberty" and "proletarian democracy." The story begins in early modern Europe and continues into the worldwide present and is given unity by the repeated pattern whereby bourgeois dedication to representative democracy and the rule of law mutates into support for authoritarian forms of order when threats to market freedom issue from assertive working-class forces.
Proletarian writer Michael Gold famously adopts a pose of exaggerated virility in his theoretical writing as a defense against charges of the effeminacy that was associated with intellectuals, with mass culture, and with Jewish men.