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Similarly, in "Modern Man and His Categories of Thought" (1946), Lewis criticized proletarianism for its spiritually enervating effects on the poor working class, particularly with respect to individual responsibility: "They are convinced that whatever may be wrong with the world it cannot be themselves.
Similarly, as Halperin (1990) has pointed out, it is not convincing to argue that "because feudal peasants work with their hands and factory laborers work with their hands, feudal peasantry was the form that proletarianism took before the rise of industrial capitalism" (p.
By way of sweat, these works enter into dialogue with proletarianism and agrarianism, two contemporaneous political and ideological movements that Faulkner explicitly addressed in one of the two introductions he drafted for a 1933 edition of The Soundand the Fury.
Chinas pragmatism became more open when it dumped its ideology of proletarianism, and embarked on the path of home-grown economic reforms, which have largely informed its African policy.