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Craftsmen and professional workers have been proletarianized.
To be sure, forced labour is not exactly the capitalist mode of production relying on a large proletarianized population such as already existed in Europe and in North America.
At the second meeting, in 1949, Walter Eucken chaired a session on "the proletarianized society," with Ropke as the speaker.
Friction between large commercial growers and the rural poor intensified in the western coffee lands (Gould and Lauria-Santiago 16), as many from this "resentful, displaced peasantry and a growing proletarianized labor force recruited from this same peasantry" (Paige 105) began to mobilize to demand better working conditions and access to land.
The faculty will be proletarianized by the very means of educational production of which they are supposedly owners--that is, teaching, assessment, research.
In a similar fashion, Uyghurs are being proletarianized outside Xinjiang under the guise of providing ethnic minorities with job opportunities and fighting underdevelopment.
Work--academic work is no exception--is increasingly downsized, outsourced, un-unionized, de-professionalized, proletarianized, and largely "part-time" in status and pay if not in hours.
By industrializing farm production, the New Agriculture proletarianized agricultural laborers and rearticulated class distinctions among the landed and landless to urban models of capital and labor.
Marx mistook the rise of capitalism for its decline and mistakenly assumed that the middle-classes in industrialized societies would become proletarianized.
However, the continuing impoverishment of the countryside forced a slow flight from the villages to the emerging industrial centers--especially Calcutta and Bombay --where they were absorbed and proletarianized and the factory became a way of life for what could now be identified as an industrial proletariat (see Gadgil).
In a proletarianized intelligentsia with a mass audience, anonymity is the stigma of powerlessness, and powerlessness the punishment for anonymity.
Worth Robert Miller does an exceptional job showing the influence of the Populist Party as well as the void left after "freeholders and independent workers were proletarianized," leaving no political voice after 1896 for the millions who felt disillusioned by American business and government.