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It would only be towards the turn of the century--by when further technological development and the advent of large sugar centrales replacing smaller sugar mills were proletarianizing much of the engineering work required--that foreign engineers (no longer able to demand the same privileges previously enjoyed) increasingly gave way to native workers.
To the degree that occupational segmentation in nursing professionalizes one sector while proletarianizing another, nurses still are a contact point between vulnerable and subordinate groups and larger institutional arrangements of power and privilege within medicine and healthcare.
Thus, Bassya "again abandoned solvency via the factory, and her secret proletarianizing came to an end." (19) This would not be the last time that Nachman's theory and practice diverged.
In case study research on alcohol in developing societies (see, e.g., Riley and Marshall, 1999), what has repeatedly emerged is the use of alcohol not only historically as a means of proletarianizing native and rural work forces (Van Onselen, 1982), but even now as a means of economic control, being used as a form of payment to native workers in mines and on agricultural estates (Jernigan, 1997).
This perspective was contrasted with the revolutionary analysis, which argued that the process of capitalist concentration was undermining the middle class and proletarianizing the workforce, polarizing society between capital and labor.
The proletarianizing group of males in the sole leather tanning industry, Butler among them, may have deemed the inhospitable tannery conditions in the rural borderlands a more viable alternative than a removal to a more distant urban factory milieu.