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Stappenbeck had developed a medium that causes cells from the intestine's lining to proliferate in test tubes.
The demand for complementary cellular components in 3G multimode handsets is growing significantly faster than the handset market, as UMTS handsets proliferate and as new UMTS regions are added.
His study suggests that it might be possible to turn back the cellular clock to a time when cardiac myocytes had the ability to proliferate and re-grow heart muscle.
Unlike the human proximal tubule cells, the UROtsa cells needed no matrix other than the plastic growth surface on which to attach and proliferate.
Existing drugs, such as G-CSF and prostaglandins, could be used to induce hematopoetic stem cells to proliferate prior to the use of therapy with DNA damaging agents.
Now the fear is that the wet winter will cause the weed to proliferate, said Noreen Cabanting, project manager for the conservation district, the lead agency in the removal program.
Each work has its own self-evident modular logic and seems able to proliferate infinitely, like modules of Minimalist sculpture.
As online communities proliferate, simplicity, convenience and security rise to the top as key concerns for consumers and businesses across the Internet," says Stratton Sclavos, CEO of VeriSign.
On the other hand, normal proliferating cells overcame the imposed G2/M cell-cycle arrest within 12 hours, survived and continued to proliferate.
Where irrigation is inadequate, brown spots proliferate with each new heat wave; where water is plentiful, weeds spread wildly without remorse.
The cells migrated throughout the brain, produced nerve cells and other kinds of brain cells, and continued to proliferate for up to a month.
They proliferate on the surface of social systems, while art is a species on its way to extinction, terrified by the hypertechnology of the social and the rapidity of change.