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Stappenbeck had developed a medium that causes cells from the intestine's lining to proliferate in test tubes.
His study suggests that it might be possible to turn back the cellular clock to a time when cardiac myocytes had the ability to proliferate and re-grow heart muscle.
"This alliance will allow both companies to work together in developing the category ultimately benefiting consumers and partners as the USB Drive category continues to proliferate."
Estrogen's job is to make the cells in the breast proliferate so that the breast will become large enough to feed the baby after birth.
The authors suggest that NPSH depletion might have encouraged lipid peroxides to proliferate in the high-exposure group, or the subjects' NPSH might have become depleted because of overproduced free radicals caused by exposure to arsenic.
Osteoblast-like cells were shown to adhere, attain a normal morphology, proliferate and remain viable when cultured on the new composite graft.
* turn on genes that allow cancer cells to proliferate;
"The thinking has been that blood stem cells must proliferate to acquire the mutations that drive tumor development.
Breasts and bellies proliferate, evoking the artist's wild vision of the female body in all its plenitude.
Digital Fountain, which recently announced the availability of its rich-data delivery products, is partnering with best-of-breed solutions and technology providers to help proliferate the cost-effective delivery of digital content over the Internet.
The cells were able to proliferate on the standard plastic growth surface.
We hope that in the years ahead, the techniques we discuss will proliferate widely throughout our specialty.