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Prolix is a two-step minimally invasive procedure which consists of the implantation of a custom machined allograft implant through direct visualisation and a supplemental "lateral fixation of the SI Joint" using supplemental bone screws.
For removing bum rings from the cylinder face of a stainless Ruger GP100 Match Champion, I found scrubbing with a PrOlix soaked steel brush removed the "bulk of the black," but resorted to a Birchwood Casey Lead Remover & Polishing Cloth for final touch-up.
Barry Hills' Prolix obliged in style when trouncing Derby fourth Housemaster in Ayr's Scottish Classic and looks good to stay well in the money in the Rose of Lancaster Stakes.
The apple of Sir Michael Stoute's eye was given plenty of time to come to hand this term and the patience was rewarded at Kempton last month, when King Adam ran out a convincing length and three-quarter victor from Prolix.
Stablemate Alboostan was a beaten favourite in the Group Three event 12 months ago, but Prolix appears to have a big chance judged on his fifth in last year's French Derby.
A guide on the Gray Line's double-decker Manhattan buses, Levitch is a bushy-haired, pock-marked, bespectacled, hippie-ish font of information about the city that, in classic fashion, he both hates but couldn't five without Spewing a constant verbal torrent that is equal parts facts and sensual impressions, and displaying a proclivity for prolix, multisyllabic words that would challenge Don King, the young man regales tourists with quotes and residence locations of such late notables as Thomas Paine, Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, John Reed, Edith Wharton and Henry Miller claims that sports, and anything else that raised a sweat, were originally illegal in Central Park; and approvingly cites Greta Garbo's remark that, "New York City is the only place where I can be alone.
But Thomas's prolix poetry all but strangles the spare, subtly detailed movement with its dense verbal imagery.
Even his most acerbic work, Against the Galilaeans, was in Smith's view not the fruit of long hostility, but a prolix ebullition of resentment after encountering the intransigent Christianity of Antioch (pp.
It could have been even better had it been a little more focused in places, less prolix and not so encumbered with lengthy footnotes which seem to display knowledge rather than using it.
It is beautifully written and avoids the abstruse, prolix formulations of many who write about colonial representations.
More important is the fact that, within the bounds of an article, the inordinately prolix and convoluted Grunbaum has to get on with the job, and thus shows himself capable of saying clearly in a few words what normally takes many to complexify and obscure.
Fitting her prose to the sameness or very slight variations she found in human nature, Stein produced what many readers found to be a repetitious, prolix compilation of vignettes.