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In addition, the group will pay a royalty of GBP 11 per unit to the Vendor for each Prolong device sold (no minimum yearly royalty commitment) for the term of Prolong's patent, due to expire in 2031.
As Prolong moves toward the clinic with its SANGUINATE product, the company is pleased to receive this level of financing for the next phase of its efforts, said Prolong president Glenn Kazo.
In using this test, the court found that the ESVs did not materially increase the aircrafts' value, appreciably prolong their useful lives or adapt them to a new or different use.
Our relationship with Prolong is consistent with the business strategy we have been executing during these difficult markets," stated Benjamin F.
Initially, anti-HIV drugs were approved for wide-scale use based on their ability to prolong life.
Today, many physicians in Europe and North America have no compunction about deliberately killing a patient without so much as consulting him or his family, on grounds that it would be futile to prolong the patient's life.
Rather than compiling a list of what are objectively ordinary and extraordinary means, writes O'Rourke, theologians now outline "general actions that people in normal circumstances would avoid or perform to prolong life.
The IRS also concluded that such expenditures do not prolong the life of the land or adapt it to a new or different use.
External causes of variation include factors that can prolong waiting time (process out of control) and that are not in full control of the physician: patient timeliness, not showing, unique problems, and emergencies.
Normally, the costs of repair and maintenance to property used in a trade, business or profession, or held for investment (that is, the costs that keep the property in an ordinarily efficient operating condition), are fully deductible, while expenses that are in the nature of replacements, or that prolong the life of an asset, materially add to its value or make it adaptable to a different use, normally must be capitalized (and depreciated over the asset's life).
KARACHI , June 08, 2011 (Balochistan Times ): The unscheduled and prolong load shedding hours in Karachi are badly affecting the routine life of the people while there are complaints of low voltage in several areas.