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Having, by repeated and prolonged assaults, at length completely gorged himself, he would wrap himself up and lie with the torpor of an anaconda; slowly digesting his way on to the next repast.
The crowd collected under the window uttered a prolonged roar of anger and terror.
Newton Craig of Markdale returned home recently after a somewhat prolonged visit in foreign parts.
To me it was one prolonged divine event, and, with such daily intercourse with Nicolete, I never dreamed of craving for any other excitement.
A prolonged breakdown was observed in numerous areas including Iqbal Town, Islampura, Rehmanpura, Muslim Town, Ichra, Wahdat Road and many other areas of the Lahore.
SWABI: Strong protest demonstrations were held against prolonged and unscheduled power outages in Swabi.
The people of Shikarpur and Jacobabad have fed up with prolonged power break down during the Holy month of Ramadan and expressed their happiness when dusty winds knocked at their doors.
Jamaat-e-Islami has also been holding protests in the city against prolonged outages, with enraged citizens burning tyres on roads.Although prolonged outages have hindered work at factories, shops, offices and houses, the energy crisis have also come as a major inconvenience to students appearing for exams from various boards.
Provider of construction services Lehto Group Oyj (HEL:LEHTO) reported on Wednesday that the preliminary agreement for the development and planning of the Lippulaiva shopping mall in Espoo has been prolonged until May 2018.
They said that in Takhtbhai and surrounding areas including Hathian, Lund Khuwar, Sher Garh, Jalala, Takkar and other areas, the prolonged hours load shedding was continue and in this hot weather and Ramazan it was very difficult for the masses to survive.
Purpose: To measure any significant differences in prolonged bleeding and/or changes in clotting of the extracorporeal circuit with implications on patient safety and decreased nursing workload.
Constitutional right professor Osman Kadriu assessed that the prolonged deadline for dissolution of the legislative branch is breach of the Constitution.