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When, on the following evening, Ruth returned from the stroll on the Promenade which she always took after leaving the
He unlocked the door and resumed his promenade of the deck.
The boys came up on the promenade deck, clustering close to the rail and worshiping Miss Caruthers who had flung them such a wealth of backsheesh.
I've got a beauty on the promenade deck, but they wouldn't promise to keep me by myself.
For a quartermaster had entered the wheelhouse, and even while we had been speaking the pilot had taken possession of the bridge; as we descended, the tender left us with flying handkerchiefs and shrill good-bys; and as we bowed to Miss Werner on the promenade deck, there came a deep, slow throbbing underfoot, and our voyage had begun.
It was after dinner on the promenade deck, and as Raffles spoke he glanced sharply fore and aft, leaving me next moment with a step full of purpose.
She had, however, but a limited supply of cabins on the promenade deck, and there was just that excuse for my sharing Raffles's room.
At the afternoon's promenade, Lord Mutanhed, and the Honourable Mr.
Balconies and promenades will provide views of both the harbor and Long Island Sound from all levels of the project.
Lest you think Easter promenades are for women only, think back to the top hat and tails favored by Fred Astaire in ``Easter Parade.
Eaton Company Limited in Pacific Centre located in Vancouver, British Columbia and Le Carrefour Laval and Les Promenades St-Bruno, both located in Montreal, Quebec.
This simple act would have provided much needed comfort to those who had lost loved ones, and added to the many examples of shared use promenades in this country and abroad, to which Llandudno is a rare exception.