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Next, the top of the collimated light field is put at the level of the vertebra prominens.
On the average woman, T7 is-inches inferior to the vertebra prominens; on the average man, T7 is--inches inferior to the vertebra prominens.
We then added the 14 newly coded, scale-based taxa along with one ingroup species, Eestilepis prominens, that had been coded for our 2004 study but omitted because of wild-card behaviour.
When the 14 scale-based taxa as well as Eestilepis prominens, known from a partially articulated squamation, were added to the analysis, the data matrix contained 39 thelodont species and three outgroup taxa, coded for 52 characters.
Unlike our experience with Poracanthodes menneri, the new data matrix was much more successful in placing Eestilepis prominens with consistency, giving a similar relationship for this species in all shortest trees, despite its large proportion of missing data.
The revised data matrix was able to place Eestilepis prominens with confidence; that species had acted as a wild-card and had been eliminated from the earlier analysis (Wilson & Marss 2004).
Central ray perpendicular to the IR and centered to the MSP at a level of T7 was determined by palpating her vertebra prominens at the level of T1 and then using the hand-spread method to place the central ray 7 inches below T1.
The doctor might palpate down from where he or she believes the vertebra prominens (VP) is located, according to the common belief that it lies at either C7 or T1 (depending on which level is determined using motion palpation to be lowest movable segment on extension), or perhaps might palpate up from the level of the iliac crest, according to the common belief that the SP of L4 lines up with the iliac crest.
Although we collected data on the distance between the first sacral tubercle and the vertebra prominens, to permit subsequent transformation and thus normalization of the data anthropometrically, we ultimately decided it was not necessary to do so.
As there are variations on what level the vertebra prominens can be, the lateral cervical radiograph can reveal whether the prominent vertebra is C7 or T1, thus, using palpation of the spinouses, an accurate count for other spinal levels can be done from this information.
vertebra prominens, and the level is identified from the developed radiograph.