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Prominent Hill Mine contains an average grade of 106ppm U3O8, with parts of the ore-body averaging 212 to 260ppm U3O8.
9: LEROY WHITFIELD, 36, a prominent AIDS activist and columnist, dies of AIDS-related complications at a New York City hospital.
In addition to outrage over Thaksin's increasingly harsh "anti-terror" policies and treatment of political opponents, southerners were outraged that while the post- 9/11 economic downturn had hit them hard, prominent politicians and business leaders seemed not to be suffering.
May's in-depth work gives a more accurate picture of the opinions of both prominent and junior barristers in London to the transformations in criminal procedure occurring in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Contact ProMinent Fluid Controls (UK) Ltd on tel: 01530 500555 or visit: www.
Prominent Republicans who favor a return to the draft include Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, a likely 2008 presidential contender, and Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe, who insists that there are "huge social benefits" to conscription.
Similarly, Fischl in 1976 described a third crus of the antihelix and a prominent crus of the helix.
Canada played a prominent role in the April, 2003, Geneva meeting of the U.
Chicago should have a really prominent theater that tells the African American experience," he said.
One of the most terrible involved Homa Darabi, a prominent woman doctor.
Jean Gerson and his fellow professors at Paris had a major role and prominent voice in developments associated with the Schism that tarnished the papacy and splintered Christian allegiances from 1378 to 1415.
A member of ENGHC's board, Shaheen is a prominent engineer and a geologist.