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This tradition has always been a prominent aspect of QC's sponsorship strategy to encourage brilliant orphans for their academic achievements.
Abdulla Al-Najran Al-Tuwaijri, deputy chief executive officer, said, 'The most prominent aspect of this award is that it comes from a global institution renowned for its impartiality and credibility, and this crowns our efforts over the past years where we invested in the fields of IT and digital banking services.
Separately, Finance Minister indicated that the most prominent aspect of the financial situation is the absence of the budget for 11 years, saying, "The crisis is structural and it depends on whether the state and its institutions are present or not.
Another prominent aspect of Chamvit's historical work over the course of his career has been the way that he has highlighted Thailand's ethnically diverse population, even at a time when a rigid Thai nationalism was heavily promoted by the bureaucracy, the military and the education system.
USPRwire, Mon Mar 14 2016] Chile's economic and political stability in recent years has no doubt contributed to the stability of its clinical research landscape as R&D remains a prominent aspect of the country's larger pharmaceutical market.
McLeod draws out the ethical dimension of foundational texts in Chinese and Indian thought, showing how self-cultivation is a much more prominent aspect of Asian ethics than of Western ethics.
Guest Lectures have always been a prominent aspect of Cognizance.
During the celebration of this prominent aspect of UAE culture, we will also raise awareness about the correct ways of using falcons to hunt while preserving the environment and the Houbara Bustard that is usually used to train the falcons," said Abdullah Butti Al Qubaisi, Director of Projects Management at the Cultural Programmes and Heritage Festivals Committee.
Even before the bar's reopening last summer, de Lessard says that people were stopping to take pictures of the eye-catching architecture, of which the bam wood is its most prominent aspect.
But the most prominent aspect of the gripping hearing in the SC is that the Congress rolled out its heavy artillery comprising senior lawyers Kapil Sibal and Salman Khurshid-- both law ministers in the UPA regime -- and former Additional Solicitor General Vivek Tankha to appear for Qureshi.
Perhaps the most prominent aspect of the collegial relationship between CSRF and SIECCAN has been the dissemination of research presented at CSRF meetings in SIECCAN publications beginning with the SIECCAN Newsletter and then the SIECCAN Journal.
The most prominent aspect of Rehberger's design, reminiscent of certain early-modern experimental exhibitions, was a carpeted floor of monochromatic, irregularly sized rectangles in brown, blue, bright orange, red, and purple, some of which were plush enough for you to lose your balance.