prominent aspect

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Predictive play is a prominent aspect of the experience and an element that brings the natural anticipation surrounding these spectacles to life.
Chicago is an area where slow food is becoming a prominent aspect of many families' daily lives, and places like Highland Park or Evanston would be prime locations for VOM FASS to expand and open a new store.
The inequality between the sexes is clearly the most prominent aspect of this social system.
The most prominent aspect of the show is the sense of disturbance instantly felt towards the subject matter.
However, the more prominent aspect of this commentary is the attention Levin pays to literary structure and intertextual parallels.
Controversial issues had always been a prominent aspect of Straw's political life.
The most prominent aspect for the culture marketing market in the first half of 2008 was that companies came to use brands more clearly and more often in culture marketing.
It is likely that single men, including those who have never married as well as those who are divorced and separated, will become a more prominent aspect of the men's market.
A prominent aspect set to drive growth is that MES can be used as biodegradable surfactants in detergents," notes the analyst of this research service.
As banking becomes a more prominent aspect of Mutual of Omaha's business, we will rely on his perspective, as well as that of our other distinguished directors, as we work to achieve our strategic vision in an increasingly competitive and highly regulated environment," Neary said.
The most prominent aspect of the company's contracting strategy was pricing.
The most prominent aspect of the transaction involved the purchase of six APL container ships and certain APL-owned assets in Guam for $164 million.