prominent detail

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Other prominent details of the Trailblazer's exterior include polished aluminium decor trims in the fascias, rockers, belt line, tailgate and roof rack, integrated LED front and rear fog lamps, and a new set of custom dual-finish 20" aluminium wheels wrapped in Cooper Zeon LTZ tyres.
Among the most prominent details of the agreement was a joint commitment to establish the 'Maldives Centre for Islamic Capital Market and Finance', reported the Minivan News.
Burkhart House is the last remaining Queen Anne Victorian property in Ketchikan with a turret and other prominent details from that period.
ArtCAM Pro 2009, from Delcam, contains new features and enhancements, including a 3-D PDF viewer to save 3-D PDFs of part or all of a design; an embossing tool, which can take a 3-D model and reduce it to any height white maintaining the prominent details and illusion of depth from the original model; "Working in the 3-D View" so users can work directly in the 3-D view; customizable sculpting tools, which allow users to create their own sculpting brushes; a relief analysis tool, which will highlight any sharp edges or discontinuities within the design that could cause subsequent problems in the die; and auto-save and file recovery.
The hum of the tape has gone entirely, the overall sound picture is more homogeneous and with no disturbance of any kind, although a price is paid for this in terms of less luminous high notes and more prominent details (until the end of the Fifteenth the percussion is almost inaudible except for the kettle drums).