prominent part

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References in classic literature ?
The last ingredient played a very prominent part in the salad; stale eggs and roasted cocks'-combs furnished the grand dish of the repast; the wine even was not without a disgusting taste--it was like a medicinal draught.
In the discussion from day to day of the various features of this programme, the question came up as to the advisability of putting a member of the Negro race on for one of the opening addresses, since the Negroes had been asked to take such a prominent part in the Exposition.
The two drinks made him very merry--almost idiotically so, and he began to take a most lively and prominent part in the proceedings, particularly in the music and catcalls and side remarks.
He was something of a politician, and had always taken a prominent part in the local elections, so he knew the proper Parliamentary expressions to use.
Heart and soul a Liberal, he took a prominent part in the passage of the first Reform Bill, of 1832, living at the same time a busy social life in titled society.
Fill the bill in some prominent part, and you'll never be suspected of doubling it with another of equal prominence.
A complete revolution, in which Peggotty bore a prominent part, was being effected in every corner of my rooms, in regard of this pepper; and I was looking on, thinking how little even Peggotty seemed to do with a good deal of bustle, and how much Agnes did without any bustle at all, when a knock came at the door.
It is safe to say that there was no public case of any difficulty in which he was not consulted during those eight years, and there were hundreds of private cases, some of them of the most intricate and extraordinary character, in which he played a prominent part.
The most prominent part of GC's new master brand strategy is a distinctive symbol of a cross rendered in unconventional vibrant colours of green and red, which is indicative of GC's forward looking, hopeful mission of a future.
KUWAIT -- Developing care for the elderly is a prominent part of Kuwait's development vision for 2035.
Beyond looking at ways that the work environment can be altered to make it more conducive to improved health and wellbeing, our research suggests that employers should perhaps be looking at flexible working arrangements as a more prominent part of their workplace wellness or productivity management strategy.
It wants occupational therapists (OTs) to be a more prominent part of the primary care workforce to stop old and frail people from needing admissions to hospital.