prominent point

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Omar Khatib, executive director of Islamic Affairs, the most prominent point during the deliberation of this axis was that sustainability should be the most prominent imprint of the Islamic Economic framework to enhance confidence in this growing sector.
Viewers will see the points of the star rising from the river bank, Rowland said, with the most prominent point facing west toward Oklahoma.
Given the remaining Republican presidential candidates' opposition to the law, it will be a prominent point of contention in the next election.
A prominent point on the agenda of Monday's meeting of Sofia socialists, which lasted close to 3 hours, was the fact that Kadiev had attracted 183 votes less than the votes for BSP's municipal council list.
To make our fight for equality in every aspect of our lives a prominent point in the media, for instance our current fight for the right to legally marry in all states.
To help further define this area, we used computer-aided design software to measure (I) the angle between the facial nerve and the chorda tympani nerve and (2) the distance between the takeoff point of the chorda tympani and the posteriormost prominent point of the short process of the incus in 30 cadaveric adult temporal bones.
To understand why, we must first look back to the most prominent point of intersection between the two providers of ELN/ MES: instrument interfacing.
But the most prominent point is that the turnout was low and a lot of names disappeared," Hang Puthea, head of the Nicfec group of election monitors, said.
The femoral reference point is then marked over the most lateral prominent point of the greater trochanter using electrocautery.
Another prominent point in the studies of Ekrami and Kalantar (l) was that identification and sampling of the cultures started only at days 7 and 14.
Sterigma in lateral view with curved caudal edge extended to prominent point caudad from dorsal edge, cephalad edge bulbous, papillae anales robust, more-or-less quadrate but being somewhat broader ventrally, caudal edge straight.
The Rotary Club re-energized community interest in that prominent point and it's still rolling forward.