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This plan has been met with fierce opposition from the Catholic Church and other sectors, which warned that the move would promote promiscuity among students.
Prof Sewell said: "T-cell receptor promiscuity sits at the very heart of most human health.
There was no difference between genders or among specialties on the promiscuity issue.
Overt promiscuity referred to blatant displays or suggestions of sexual behavior.
They theorized that women, more than men, would perceive promiscuity as undesirable in a same-sex friend and would reject friendships with women who appear to be promiscuous.
Recent laws concerning contraception (1966), divorce (1967), abortion and homosexuality (1969) began, and mutually re-inforced, the undermining of marriage by striking down restrictions against wider sexual promiscuity.
IT IS OUR PROMISCUITY that will save us," AIDS activist and art theorist Douglas Crimp asserted in 1988, defying the media's brutal vilification of gay sex--in which a devastating health crisis was portrayed as punishment for pleasure--by arguing that gay men's sexual flexibility would help them adapt to safer sex.
If they talk about their promiscuity or their obsessive sexual desires, they have to consider society's reaction, not te mention their wive'.
All of these questions are explicitly raised in the stories about promiscuity, rape, and sexual experimentation that Carleton studies, and yet he brushes past them.
During the Vietnam War, as in most wars, there was an increase in both commercial sex activity and sexual promiscuity, factors that likely led to an increase in HPV in the Vietnamese population.
sent a letter to President Bush, signed by 49 Republican members of Congress, opposing over-the-counter sales of Plan B, on the assumption that its availability would increase promiscuity, and venereal disease.