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It is, in other words, with a purposeful critical promiscuity that LTTR puts itself forward.
More than 30,000 women were incarcerated in the laundries for such sins as having children out of wedlock, promiscuity simply being orphaned or "simple-minded.
And Margreta de Grazia argues that the real scandal of the Sonnets is not the one that so much modern criticism has pored over--those 126 sonnets addressed to a beautiful young man -- but rather t he speaker's "perverse and menacing" sexual desire for a black mistress whose promiscuity threatens to undo the social standing of the "fair boy" (162).
There comes a point when cruelty, exploitation, promiscuity, infidelity, dishonesty are so intense, so reprehensible, that anger or disgust, deep distress or compassion seem to be the overriding, if not only, emotions possible.
If you've been interested in getting yourself one of those so-called "USB keys" for a spot of hot-swapping memory lurve, but you think the price to pay for your digital promiscuity is a little too high, then it's time to embrace the "Easy Disk Cute" from IO Data.
Some churches oppose the distribution of condoms, fearing that they promote promiscuity.
In her new book, Talk About Sex, she traces the Right's history of exploiting societal fears about sexual promiscuity and moral decline.
Must African American culture remain mired in images of promiscuity and criminality for white consumption?
which will examine risk taking among students including substance use, dangerous driving, delinquency and sexual promiscuity, and how these activities may correlate to problem gambling.
And the peach colour of the men's washroom is a "poor choice" since it can signify promiscuity and extramarital affairs.
The collection has been ordered in modern times, but even so you can glean a sense of the collector's marvellous promiscuity as you move down the length of its two halls, from African masks to a stuffed walrus.
A considerable amount of sexual promiscuity among young people goes undetected and unaddressed by mental health professionals, Shani A.