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The Promiscuous Puppeteer has been quick to receive recognition as a result of the attention it has been receiving.
In summary, we have successfully utilized the DynaPro Plate reader to examine the light scattering behavior of known promiscuous inhibitors.
promiscuous," 12 percent agree with the statement, and 29 percent do not know.
Also, the poll found that the most promiscuous star signs are Virgo, Aries and Taurus, but they all scored lowly for sexual satisfaction.
But a number of promiscuous enzymes that interact with multiple substrates in multiple reactions suggest that not all enzymes are the dedicated, loyal players they've been made out to be.
Being promiscuous isn't exclusive to the LGBT community.
The SOI is an index of a person's promiscuous tendencies.
kind") and multiword descriptions of promiscuous behaviors (e.
They're common little tarts, highly promiscuous with both sexes, according to the National Seahorse Breeding Centre's research.
A study found that individual seahorses were likely to mate with up to 25 partners a day with the Australian big bellied seahorse, naturally, being the most promiscuous.
If high-school and college girls in the days of Father Knows Best were as promiscuous as those of recent years, why did the annual birthrate per 1,000 unmarried girls aged 15-19 triple between 1960 and 1994, even as abortion went from being illegal almost everywhere to being available everywhere?
There are many graphic scenes of promiscuous teenage sex and other acts of rebellion as well as cruelty by the parents and "counselors" at the reform school, but the story is told with such honesty that it is a compelling read.