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But an enzyme that deals with making vitamin B12, which cells don't need much of, can be a promiscuous jack-of-all-trades type.
Friendship formation for promiscuous behavior by sex and relationship status
With respect to women and men's reactions to promiscuity in a potential friend, a question arises regarding whether promiscuous same-sex friends pose a greater risk for men or women.
Information on the inheritance of the promiscuous trait is very limited.
Here, like there, however, the act of citation seems utterly promiscuous and cavalier.
Those in danger of AIDS for whom a condom would be useful are already engaging in casual or promiscuous sex.
There are homosexuals who are promiscuous, but there are also many homosexuals who live in love and lifelong fidelity with a partner of the same sex.
Sinners of every stripe--the greedy, the vain, the prideful, the selfish, the sanctimonious, the promiscuous, the dishonest, the gluttonous, and the uncharitable--walk the earth but all have redeeming social value.
We meet Grace, a politically aware and promiscuous lesbian; Yvette, the naive second wife of an older man; Raymond, a laid-off shipyard worker with a troubled son; Louis, a Christian mechanic who does the bare minimum in life; Marc, financially successful but distant; Anthony, a cabinetmaker following in his father's footsteps; and Joseph, a Vietnam veteran turned local drunk.
To watch the continual promiscuous drivel that comes out of television--Friends, Sex in the City, et al--you'd think that AIDS had never happened, or that a cure really had been found and announced while we were watching another sexual farce.
Data are compiled over a large replicate of human donors to pinpoint immunodominant, usually promiscuous epitope regions.
INCREASING numbers of women are turning to ``sex friends'' instead of long-term partners, as a survey showed the Welsh are the most promiscuous people in Britain.