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praseodymiums Einsteinium diminutiveness diminutiveness Erbium bumpier Europium promiscuousness Eupatorium W2 (5) Fermium flummeries
The Smith defense took stories about Susan's promiscuousness (290) and pursuit of a wealthy boyfriend and wove them into a narrative of an immature woman suffering from chronic depression, driven to suicidal desperation by childhood and adolescent trauma, (291) a cold mother, (292) a sexually exploitive stepfather, (293) an unfaithful, (294) overbearing husband, (295) and a rejecting boyfriend.
The fact proves nothing in itself except that we are not ourselves of an extremist tendency-though it is sometimes difficult to remain clear-sighted about this, given the promiscuousness with which the term "extremist"--like "scum," "despicable," "loser," etc.