promise to contribute

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Islamic finance has not yet fulfilled the promise to contribute to development objectives.
Following on with the promise to contribute more millions to The Yemen in their situation.
The alliance with Beckman Coulter fully supports Seegene's promise to contribute to humanity via development of more rapid, more accurate and cost-effective innovative MDx systems.
Native villagers, who help build the schools, sign buildOn's "covenant," a solemn promise to contribute land, labor, and resources.
And the letter also called for a promise to contribute fully to a consultation about the use of red diesel for snow clearance during extreme weather.
Maku said, In 1976, Nigeria made a promise to contribute $177.
We do believe in the long-run this is a very valuable and promising approach to learn new things about the basis of disease and if we do that as a field and then biological follow-up occurs this has promise to contribute to improvements in human health.
During a speech in front of JR Kofu station on June 24, she said, ''I promise to contribute to building a society in which people who make an effort are rewarded for their hard work.
Germany's 16 states also voted in favor of the package in the country's upper house and Germany's promise to contribute up to 147.
Mr Alexander said: "This four-year promise to contribute Au510 million to Afghanistan reaffirms our long-term commitment to helping this once proud country recover from 30 years of war.
According to the Tax Court, HHC did not make an unconditional promise to contribute additional capital to LCL, because the DRO required HHC to contribute additional, capital to LCL only if (1) HHC liquidated its interest in LCL and (2) had a deficit in its capital account at the time of liquidation.
This, despite his promise to contribute his work to offset Michael's monetary contribution and despite the fact that the dealership was financially distressed.