promise to set aside

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Part of that economic equation includes government investments in infrastructure, such as recent powerline extensions in British Columbia, and the Ontario government's promise to set aside $1 billion for infrastructure to the Ring of Fire.
HEALTH Secretary Andrew Lansley has abandoned a key Conservative promise to set aside pounds 200million of new cash to fight cancer, the Mirror can reveal.
The promise to set aside half the panchayat seats for women was made by President Pratibha Patil in her joint address to Parliament on June 4.
The federal government sent Treaty Commissioners across the country, signing up the First Nations to the Numbered Treaties which had at their core the promise to set aside one square mile (640 acres) for each family of five (that's 128 acres per person) and to provide the basic implements to begin an agricultural economy.
Some say the government's promise to set aside a $350 million healing fund for residential school victims can be seen as an attempt to introduce mitigating factors in any future court award of damages.