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I'll be here," promised Ned; and then he went downtown to attend to some matters con- nected with his new duties, which were much less irksome than those he had had when he had been in the bank.
Munro has promised you a gift for your services when performed, and I shall be your debtor for another.
And now said Sancho Panza to his master, "Your worship will take care, Senor Knight-errant, not to forget about the island you have promised me, for be it ever so big I'll be equal to governing it.
You promised to send me back to Kansas when the Wicked Witch was destroyed," said the girl.
When therefore the son had been proclaimed king, and the time of mourning was over, he was forced to keep the promise which he had given his father, and caused the king's daughter to be asked in marriage, and she was promised to him.
There was no fear of the others returning before midnight; the chances were that they would be very much later; and now it was barely eleven, and Eva had promised not to stay out above half-an-hour.
She has not kept up her faith straight along, but the pilgrims that wander hither consider that she has come near enough to it to save her, and so they point to the fact that Smyrna to-day wears her crown of life, and is a great city, with a great commerce and full of energy, while the cities wherein were located the other six churches, and to which no crown of life was promised, have vanished from the earth.
had promised Mademoiselle de Keroualle a little gratitude for her good counsels; he made her Duchess of Portsmouth.
Anna Pavlovna smiled and promised to take Pierre in hand.
He's as fine as an auctioneer-- that your son Frederic has not obtained any advance of money on bequests promised by Mr.
All of these allies are dangerous people, and they may demand more than you have promised them.
I'll give you six of those tablets if you'll help us make a raft," promised the Scarecrow.