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But, perhaps, I promised what I had no right to promise.
I have never refused to do all that is possible, but I want time to consider how much of what I promised is possible.
You promised to send me back to Kansas when the Wicked Witch was destroyed," said the girl.
And you promised to give me brains," said the Scarecrow.
He promised fair, but in such a manner as we seek to soothe a child.
And now said Sancho Panza to his master, "Your worship will take care, Senor Knight-errant, not to forget about the island you have promised me, for be it ever so big I'll be equal to governing it.
Jones greatly approved the hint, and promised to pursue it.
You deny that you have promised to marry Miss Silvester?
But one friend comforted her at the last moment, and promised to be a mother to her child.
Scraps promised to do that, and the children were not so shy when the Patchwork Girl sat down to play with them.
The man groaned a good deal and said he had overworked himself by chopping the logs, but the Scarecrow gave him two more tablets than he had promised, which seemed to comfort the lazy fellow.
Besides, how could I dislike any one that promised to make you happy, my dear thing