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So began the battle with unruly locks and the never ending spend on products that promised the earth but failed to deliver.
As we revealed last year, cigar-chomping conman Ron Aylward promised the Earth and persuaded some franchisees to part with their life savings for a dud business.
For years they have been promised the earth, and now, following the latest ruling from the House of Lords, it would seem that they will end up with barely a pittance by way of compensation for the loss of their loved ones.
The real explanation is this - a truly cynical manifesto that promised the Earth to win votes.
It promised the earth, it would even paint your kitchen, or mow your lawn for you, should you so desire
As things stand, he's promised the earth and only part paid for it; shutting down vital services is the not inconsiderable bill he's left for the rest of us to pick up.
They feel as though they were promised the Earth but their performance will only be seen by countries that request a broadcast with them in it - and there's every likelihood the only people that will see them perform will be back home in their native Ireland.
But Labour's finance spokesman Iain Gray said: "The SNP have promised the Earth in order to win power and are now looking for any excuse they can not to keep these promises.
Mr Cummings, 46, said: "A minister stood up when Kevan first spoke and promised the earth and again they have promised the earth.