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Where this understanding of the promise as a self-interested, social pact between two parties leaves the supposedly disinterested promise of betrothal is the awkward question that Craig explores in Promising Language.
Nepotism is intended to be a case in which Baker misuses the moral effect of promising.
Whether the products offered for sale are pens, vitamins, water purifiers, lottery winnings, or investments, illegal telemarketers prosper by promising customers an array of valuable prizes - big rewards that never come.
Among Republican respondents, 33% indicated that stem cell research, which destroys embryos to create new research lines was "most promising," while 28% reported that the research proposed by the Santorum-Spector bill is "most promising" and 21% reported that both forms show "equal promise".
Last year, the district convinced Valley homeowners to approve a third property-tax increase, Measure R, by promising 12,508 new seats for Valley schools.
However, an officer's statements that simply suggest hope without promising leniency are generally considered by the courts to be insufficient inducement to render a subsequent confession inadmissible.
An overwhelming majority of physicians (91%), indicated that other types of stem cell research are promising, such as the research proposed in the Santorum-Spector bill, with 20% reporting it was "very promising," 30% indicating it was "promising," and 41% finding it "somewhat promising.
But he was critical of Hahn for promising to end the city's contract with BFI without first considering the cost, landfill space elsewhere or the fact that Sunshine Canyon Landfill will continue accepting trash from other sources if the city pulls out.
Exciting advances in the research effort to develop and refine novel techniques for repairing injured spinal cords have led to promising strategies for regenerating damaged neural tissue, inhibiting scar tissue formation, repairing underlying molecular defects, and restoring function, which are presented and evaluated in a special four-part compendium of papers in the March/April 2006 double Spinal Cord issue (Volume 23, Number 3/4) of Journal of Neurotrauma, a peer-reviewed journal published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
A standout basketball player at Canyon High, Butler was recruited by football coach Harry Welch and finally committed to the idea of joining the team in January, promising Welch he'd stick with the team until the end of the season, ``no matter what.
The companies will discuss how TACP achieved a comprehensive successful deployment of the i2 allocation and order promising workflow, setting a standard for the consumer electronics industry.
s newly elected District Attorney, Steve Cooley, won handily by promising to fight public corruption more aggressively than Gil Garcetti has over the last eight years.

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