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PROMISOR. One who makes a promise.
     2. The promisor is bound to fulfill his promise, unless when it is contrary to law, as a promise to steal or to commit an assault and battery; when the fulfillment is prevented by the act of God, as where one has agreed to teach another drawing and he loses his sight, so that he cannot teach it; when the promisee prevents the promisor from doing what he agreed to do; when the promisor has been discharged from his promise by the promisee, when the promise, has been made without a sufficient consideration; and, perhaps, in some other cases, the duties of the promisor are at an end.

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2009) ("[O]nce a court concludes a promise is legally enforceable according to contract law, it has implicitly concluded that the promisor has manifestly intended that the court enforce his promise.
The arguments catalogued thus far in favor of the second view draw attention to particular ways that the norms of contract law require different things of a promisor than the norms of morality.
It is more than possible that the 'bait and hook' tactic of under-quoting to secure a contract and then subsequently seeking to extract further funds from the promisor once he or she is committed, may traverse the borders of economic duress.
The promise can refer to things that are opaque to the promisor, but they are still set by his conscious intention.
Schwartz, supra note 249, at 369 (explaining that the remedial scheme allows a promisor to "purchase her freedom").
Recall, however, that in the present case Hayne J stated that Toss might be assessed by looking not at the promisee's position but at what the defaulting promisor gained by making the promise but not performing it'.
Liberty interests are affected, however, in the case of an individual promisor who performs personal services.
The fact is that, Malaysian Islamic banks applies the principle of unilateral binding wacd which is binding only on the promisor.
Contracts are enforced against promisors who breach when doing so
In our opinion, the lawful revocation of the donation promise operates at the moment of the deed of ingratitude or of the deterioration of the material state of the promisor or of his insolvency, which should have happened before signing the contract of donation.
Para el cronotopo contemporaneo, por su parte, el principal topico es el presente amplio, sin futuro promisor ni pasado superable.