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suspicio est mi nunc vos suspicarier, me idcirco haec tanta facinora promittere, quo vos oblectem, hanc fabulam dum transigam, neque sim facturus quod facturum dixeram.
A visitor from Leipzig in 1599, Jacob Quelviz, saw the picture in the Spanish royal collection and described it as follows: 'an image where a young man and a young woman are joining hands as if they are promising future marriage: there is much writing and also this: Promissas fallito quid enim promittere laedit/Pollicitis diues quilibet esse potest.
Espalau Mining Corporation ("Espalau") is pleased to announce that it has received a letter of intent to complete a financing with Promittere Securities Limited which will enable Espalau to pursue the development of its gold properties in Quebec.