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Offering "high-level exposure" as such doesn't influence today's promotable manager the way it once did.
Michaels and the firm's other equity-raising specialists on placing highly structured, passive, promotable equity capital for developers in New York and around the world.
But based on reaction to the movie and the prospect of reuniting a star with such a promotable concept, it's hard to fault the network for taking another whack at it.
He is the author of "The SPEED of Trust," a groundbreaking and paradigm-shifting book that challenges our age-old assumption that trust is merely a soft, social virtue and instead demonstrates that trust is a hard-edged, economic driver—a learnable and measurable skill that makes organizations more profitable, people more promotable, and relationships more energizing.
We first read the 725 personnel files of all FS-03 Generalists eligible for promotion and rated them as "P" for promotable or "M" for mid-ranked.
However, impressive as it, a list is not really promotable as a major tourist attraction.
They may have simply rose with the tide during good times when it was a lot easier to look brilliant and promotable.
We've set ourselves a target to have 300 promotable people a year across the business so, every quarter, we review the whole organisation.
Regular Army captains or captains promotable, with less than nine years of active federal commissioned service, may participate in the OSMPP.
No ordinary soldier, Williams exceeded Army standards by winning a Soldier of the Month board, becoming promotable to sergeant and being accepted to Officer Candidate SchooL She accomplished all this while serving in Afghanistan.
The purpose of the EOCA Course is to teach skill levels 10 and 20 (from promotable specialists to staff sergeants) combat engineers and selected engineer officers (from second lieutenants to captains) the basic skills and knowledge required to perform as EOCAs.
We're taking things up where we can, but we're also holding the line on those promotable items like recliners.