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A person who devises a plan for a business venture; one who takes the preliminary steps necessary for the formation of a corporation.

Promoters are the people, who, for themselves or on behalf of others, organize a corporation. They issue a prospectus, obtain stock subscriptions, and secure a charter. Promoters stand in a fiduciary relationship to the proposed company and must act in Good Faith in all their dealings for the proposed corporation.

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n. a person who puts together a business, particularly a corporation, including the financing. Usually the promoter is the principal shareholder or one of the management team and has a contract with the incorporators or makes a claim for shares of stock for his/her efforts in organization. Most states limit the amount of "promotional stock" since it is supported only by effort and not by assets or cash. (See: promotional stock)

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Asked whether it was the policy of government to promote commodity exports even if it costs local consumers, he said that it was his personal opinion that domestic shortages should not hinder exports.
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However, if traditional Christians or Jews, for example, defend their faith and promote moral behavior, the ACLU (and its handmaidens in the media) call that proselytizing and demand it be ended.
Testas' (Mis)adventures (Rosario, 2002a, 2002b, 2002c, 2003, 2004b), is an intervention program designed to promote strategic learning through stories where the self-regulation processes and learning strategies are made explicit.
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Presently, there is a lack of large-scale studies that rely on objective measures over self-reporting, which is less reliable and may fall prey to widely-held beliefs that exercise promotes sleep.
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