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promote co-operation and co-ordination between providers of community services and other health and social services; and
These studies illuminate one possible explanation for the present shortage of direct, compelling evidence that exercise promotes sleep: Most of the research thus far has been done on good sleepers, so study design may be imposing a ceiling on sleep improvement.
government also work to promote trade between Middle Eastern countries.
As business leaders, we have a great opportunity--even responsibility-to promote that growth.
Suggested general topics include: educational information on body image, investigation of factors contributing to body satisfaction and dissatisfaction, general coping skills training, knowledge about the impact of culture and society on beliefs and attitudes, and activities to promote self-acceptance (Gabel & Kearney, 1998; Gore et al.
Other nations are developing a consensus that public policies can and should promote domestic and global CSR.
Milne uses every opportunity she has to promote the IW mission in other media, at various functions and through community channels she has developed.
During the 1960s and 1970s, critics of the pageant and New Year festival increasingly questioned the use of community resources to promote tourism and the educational benefits provided by tourism.
To promote the philosophy of independent living to help improve service delivery and community opportunities for persons with severe disabilities;
To develop a marketing strategy and related tools to promote the organization and attract subscribers.
EAP will continue to promote democratization and improvements in human rights throughout the region and will work closely with EAP countries, including Indonesia as it continues its democratic transformation.