promote racial harmony

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Dr Walker set up the Anthony Walker Foundation, which aims to promote racial harmony and celebrates diversity.
YESTERDAY was the 35th anniversary of an event which saw 8,000 people march through Coventry to promote racial harmony.
Community leader Hari Shukla has also made it on the list for helping to promote racial harmony.
BLAKESLEY Hall Primary School has an established anti-racism council led by pupils whose aims is to promote racial harmony.
The latter was inaugurated in 1957 by the members of the Baha'i Faith to promote racial harmony and understanding.
In a statement on its website it said it was calling for a peaceful protest to raise awareness, and promote racial harmony and peace.
The festival of sport, music, art and education took place at Liverpool Hope University as part of the Big Hope 08 Festival to promote racial harmony, and also to mark what would have been his 21st birthday year.
And any surplus will be donated to a charity or organisation which has been established to promote racial harmony and counter racial abuse.
But a group set up to promote racial harmony welcomed the scheme.
But college lecturers' union NATFHE has demanded the CRE investigates the college, claiming it has failed to observe statutory duties to promote racial harmony.
The week's observances and activities bring together diverse citizens to promote racial harmony and encourage appreciation and respect for our cultural differences," said Race Equality Week Chairperson Mary S.
THE watchdog set up to promote racial harmony has been hit with TWENTY-THREE discrimination charges.