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IGP said, 44 officers were promoted to next grade in 2016 while 746 have been promoted to next grade in 2017.
Keith Gerchick was promoted to art director of global creative for Redken hair color, chemistry, men's and media.
Brenda Newkirk was promoted to Director, Sales & Event Marketing.
Cringoli was promoted to chief of the ARC section in 2000.
Newly promoted associates are Kasia Atkinson, Nirbhik Bera, Eddie Chu, Chelsea Deming, Christopher LaSala, Evan Mann, Brian McKeown, Peter O'Loghlen, Kelvin Ono, John Pinegar, David Rozzi and Elizabeth Weeks.
Too many of the newly promoted can't make the shift from carrying out orders to inspiring others to carry them out.
Both conceptions of ethnic and gender identity were consciously promoted to counter the notion that all Chinese were potentially red subversives.
Greg Magrisi, 37 was promoted to Vice President--TopSource, a division of Topco Associates specializing in strategic sourcing and spend management programs for Not-for-Resale goods and services.
She was appointed to the official staff as assistant director in 1998 and promoted to associate director in 2002.
Elizabeth Brett, president of the Women's Peace Officer Association of California, became the first woman in the Coronado Police Department ever to be promoted to sergeant in 2001.
Mary Johnson was promoted to branch manager at the North Little Rock Arkansas Federal Credit Union.